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Real name is Lex. You can call me Snap if you like. Whichever makes you feel better.

Jul 21

Gaia question

ok fine I’m willing to sell my soul here

Does Gaia still allow RLC/real currency commissions? 

I know they used to have a rule where you couldn’t specifically advertise prices, but could link to a page or something that lists your RL commission info

I need to know for reasons. Mostly bad ones.

Jul 5

Jul 4
thank god

thank god

Last night I had a dream that I was Bruce Wayne and I was making popcorn, and I offered some to Alfred but he didn’t want any because he was too disgusted with me.

When I woke up there were several construction workers hammering on my neighbor’s roof. 

Jun 23



every episode

you don’t even need to watch the show after watching this

(via skelebrumm)


I need to get rid of these :(


crimson/tomato/tomato basic/seraph/crackle - 15k or 10 gems sold


blood/crimson/red tiger/stripes/basic - 15k or 10 gems  sold


crimson/tomato/blood tiger/stripes/basic - 15k or 10 gems

message to haggle, here or on site (styracosaurus @ 40833)

Jun 9
woah uh. great balls of fire, that’s one name I haven’t seen on my dash in the last eternity. it’s good to see you are doing well :)

I live

skelebrumm said: It seems a load of fun and I’ve been doing well myself

Good to hear! I’ve been a poop, not being around much lately. Life sadly got busy, but today its raining and I’m in trolling through the old tumbls again!

skelebrumm said: I'm still new to FR so I'm not sure what to do with it, but yes hi its been a while how have you been?

I’ve been well! How have you been?

I’m not sure there’s anything in particular to do. I play it to breed motha fuckin red dragons that no one ever wants to buy ever, and to hoard Duskrats because Swipp is literally NEVER swapping them but heeeeeeeey, its ~~~funn~~~~~

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