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Real name is Lex. You can call me Snap if you like. Whichever makes you feel better.

Oct 20

skelebrumm said: Oh man, a subbed version would be awesome I didn’t even think of that

I’m hopeful, I mean, they did go back and all a sub for the Netflix dub… which I guess is where they will release the OVAs? I don’t know, I have no clue how these things work!

skelebrumm said: Hey Snap, what do you think of the OVA stuff for Wakfu thats been shown off recently

I’m super angry no one has written up a big, nasty, spoiler-ridden summery of it yet!!!!

I want to KNOW gosh darn it! I mean, there are some things that are already pretty obvious from what has been leaked… but I want details! I’m a horrible spoil sport like that :’U

But no, I’m pumped. Can’t wait to see them, and hopefully they will release a subbed version along with the dub. The English dub wasn’t offensive or anything, but I like the French cast much better. 

Oct 15

coelo-kanth said: THEY LOOK SO CUTE SNAPPERS! (Btw this is Mag, on a different account just cause)


I’m so happy for them… there was some real worry they wouldn’t be born alive… but for them to all be fat and happy is better than anyone could have hoped for!


The babies have landed! 4 fat, happy babies! 2 girls, 2 boys, all healthy and strong and eating like champs! Vega is being a wonderful mother and is very attentive. 

Best possible outcome for this once very troubled little girl :’)

Haven’t cried this much in ages… all the puppies were born alive and healthy :””)

Oct 2




No pun intented?

She’s pregnant. X-rays suggest maybe 3-4 puppies, about 45 days along.

Guess I’ll be rearing puppies.

Small litter! Wonder what breed the father is?

Thank heavens for little mercies with a small litter.

As much as it disgusts me to say, I’m praying anything but Pit. I love bullies, Pits are fabulous dogs, but the shelters down here are stacked with them and finding adopters will be an uphill battle. Texas is like that… working people don’t want untested shelter mutt puppies and serious adopters literally have the majority pick of almost every shelter.

Something small… something fluffy… something people will actually be looking for.

If the universe shines down on me in some perverse, twisted way, maybe the moron who did this to her had another male GSD :(


"I’m going to go to the animal shelter and adopt an unspayed dog with mange who is heartworm positive and also probably pregnant" is not what I said to myself this morning when I got up. 

But its what I did. 

Reblogging here because… well… new dog.

Sep 25


Silly man! He loves that toy.

Reblogging here because look at him… my lovable ham :’)

Sep 19

magnoliamona said: Making my friend watch The X-Files and we're at the Colony episode and her jaw dropped when the guy started getting up after he fell from the roof

Ahhhhhhhhhh… I’m so happy you’re still spreading the good word of the Phile Maglett. A good pilgrim :> 

I missed wakfu

And all my babies

What a time to be alive and blogging on tumblr dot com :”)

my Justice Knight one was not rebloggable so here it is in ALL of its now-rebloggable glory 

my Justice Knight one was not rebloggable so here it is in ALL of its now-rebloggable glory 

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